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Play #06

The 7 Deadly Sins Freelancers Commit When Emailing New Clients

Ahh yes. That first email to a new potential client. It can be really daunting staring at an empty screen with no idea what to write.

Maybe we’ve read their post that they’re looking for a freelance web designer. Maybe someone referred us. Maybe we’re just cold emailing a potential client because we want to work with them.

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Play #05

Are you speaking your clients language?

You know that feeling when you take your car to the mechanic and he starts talking about rotors, drive shafts and oxygen sensors?

The feeling of “I have no idea what this person is talking about. I just need my car to work again.”?

Well that’s our clients, except they are the confused customer and we’re the mechanic.

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Play #04

3 Tips For Improving Communication With Clients As A Freelance Web Designer

How we communicate with our clients directly affects how they’ll feel about us. And how a client feels about us is pretty damn important because it affects things like:

  1. How likely they are to refer us to others for new projects.
  2. Whether we’re perceived as an expert and can justify higher billable rates.
  3. And how much creative control and ownership they’ll be willing to give us on their project.

So how do we make a great first impression and keep the momentum going?

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Play #03

Any freelancer with a pulse can sell WordPress websites. Sell solutions instead.

If we’re selling WordPress sites or Rails apps we’re selling technology and not a solution.

Anyone with a pulse can sell technology which means we’re replaceable.

If we want to set ourselves apart from cheap outsourcers and a sea of oDesk contractors we have to sell a solution instead.

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Play #02

how to - increase your freelance profitability by 30% - without raising rates

There’s typically only 2 ways to increase our profitability as freelance web designers and developers:

  1. Charge more (easier said than done)
  2. Work faster (or smarter)

While charging more and working faster are reasonable there is a third way. By shipping our web project faster we can not only earn more per-project but we can also squeeze in more projects per quarter, year, etc.

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Play #01

7 tips for growing your freelance web design business this year

With each new year we can’t help but reflect on the year past. What went well and of course, not so well.

Top of mind for every freelance web designer or developer is of course how we can find more clients and charge more per project all while having more free time.

Well, to get our new year kicked off right here’s the first play of many with 7 tips for growing your freelance web design business this year:

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Play #00

what is the Freelancer Playbook?

Each week a new play is posted (or delivered to your inbox if you subscribe). Plays are focused articles on how to become a better freelance web designer or developer.

Think of them like a super vitamins for your freelance career.

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